5 Famous Medical Negligence Cases

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Patients have the right to receive the best medical care from the medical staff of a hospital. Unfortunately, the standard of the services varies from hospital to hospital and sometimes incidents occur. Moreover, some doctors are better than others and even good doctors have bad days when they are out of focus. The person who is supposed to help a patients can became the actual cause of death. Bellow are the 5 most famous and terrifying medical negligence cases caused by doctors:

Doctor banging his head realizing a mistake

1. Incompatible blood type

A 17 year old girl named Jessica Santillan received a heart and double lung transplant and died 15 days later. Of course, this is major surgery that involves many risks, such as the body rejecting the donor’s organs. Jessica’s body did reject the organs, but this was not an unfortunate accident, it happened because of medical negligence. The professionals from Duke University Hospital approved a transplant from an incompatible donor: Jessica was blood type O while the donor was blood type A. The hospital tried to cover the mistake for 11 days, while they continued to look for another donor. Although a second transplant was performed two weeks after the first one, Jessica was declared brain dead and her mother decided to take her off life support.

2. Penis amputation

One of the most severe medical negligence cases involves Nelu Radonescu, a 34 year old Romanian builder who decided to seek medical care when he noticed a testicular malformation. He asked Dr. Naum Ciomu, a 56 year old urologist at the Panduri Urology Hospital in Bucharest to correct the problem. During the operation, Ciomu lost his temper and amputated the patient’s penis completely. He then sliced it into three pieces in front of the horrified surgical team. Nelu’s urinary function was preserved, but his penis could not be salvaged. The doctor lost his medical license, although he can still teach at the Carol Davila University.

3. Fertility clinic switches samples

Such negligence cases are often seen in movies, but for Nancy Andrews it is the reality she has to live with every day. Nancy and her husband choose a fertility clinic to help them have a baby. The New York clinic impregnated the woman with the sperm of a complete stranger, instead of the sperm of her husband. After baby Jessica was born in 2004, the parents required a DNA test because of her darker skin color. The results revealed the fact that the biological father was of African descent, confirming their suspicions. The couple filed a medical malpractice suit against the embryologist, although they are raising Jessica as their own.

4. Heart surgery on wrong patient

Doctors from a teaching hospital performed heart surgery on a 67 year old woman who was admitted for a cerebral angiography. After the procedure, she was returned to a different hospital room and instead of being discharged, she was taken to the operating room for an open heart surgery. One hour later, a doctor from a different department realized the mistake and the procedure was canceled. Although the woman was in a stable condition, the extra surgery can have consequences such as infections, internal bleeding, increased risk of stroke and heart attack.

5. Wrong leg amputation

In 1995, Mr. King was scheduled to have his leg amputated at the University Community Hospital in Tampa, Florida. Because of a mistake, his other leg was amputated, making this one of the most horrific medical negligence cases in the U.S. When the surgeons realized the mistake, it was too late to reverse the procedure and the leg was completely removed. Apparently the wrong leg was prepared for surgery because of a chain of errors. The hospital paid Mr. King $900,000. The attending surgeon was fined $10,000 and personally paid another $250,000 to compensate for the damage.

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